A Community Mapping Project created by the
Age Advantage Association of Nova Scotia


In 2017, five years since The Age Advantage Association first brought COGS students and volunteer seniors together to learn about and then create an on-line community asset map, the work continues. The vision has widened, the number of instructors and students from the Centre of Geographic Sciences involved has grown, and the volunteer groups mapping their County interests has ballooned.

Press Release

The Governor General’s Awards accepted the nomination of forty projects from across Canada in 2017.

MAPANNAPOLIS! finished among the top 4, attending the gala Rideau Hall ceremony on November 22nd 2017. This recognition for our community-based on-line mapping project belongs to every single volunteer; everyone involved from the Centre for Geographic Sciences; our federal, provincial and municipal supporters; and private businesses, advisors, organizations, and societies which contributed to the combined effort.

These awards recognize innovative projects developed by organizations dedicated to culture, community life, and heritage, which encourage the dissemination of history by citizens in the community.

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Heather LeBlanc
Project Designer

Monica Rivers
Community Mapping Technician