All of the projects that can be found on our website have been possible through the dedicated volunteers and students who do this to help enhance the place they live in. Each and everyone of them have put in endless hours of work that we will never possibly be able to thank them enough for. If you ever want to learn more about the projects our volunteers are great resources, and would love to hear about your stories!

Annapolis County Cemeteries and Churches – Anne Crossman, Cheryl den Hartog, and Philip Hyam

Annapolis County Post Cards – Linda Bent, Cheryl MacKintosh, and Monica Rivers

Annapolis Royal Area Heritage/Amenities – Jim McGinis and Terry Murphy

Annapolis Royal | Stroll Through the Centuries – COGS student Michelle Brake

Bear River Artist Studios – Don Rice

Bear River Walking Tour – Don Rice

Black Loyalists of Annapolis County – Ian Lawrence and COGS student Ian Foley

Cradle of Acadia Colonization and Culture Map – Robert Surette and Mikaela Bennett

Cultural Assets in the Annapolis Valley – COGS students David Trenholm and Laura Fraser

Fallen & Wounded Soldiers of Nova Scotia’s Highland Brigade – Ben Symons and Sebastian Conyers

Garrison Graveyard – Wilfred Allan, Denise Rice, Paul Paquette, Marcia Sanford, Wendy Rickards, COGS student James McNutt 2017, COGS students Cory White, Manuel Hebert, and Tanner Kaunisviita

Heritage Properties in Annapolis County – Anne Crossman, Cheryl den Hartog, Philip Hyam, and COGS student Randy Fredericks

Historic Bridgetown Cyprus Walk – COGS student Michelle Brake

History of COGS – Trish LeBlanc, Doug Crowell, and Phil Melo

Margaretsville Community Walking Trail – COGS student Michelle Brake

Middleton Feeder Schools – Al Peppard and Monica Rivers